4 Options For Great Summer Food

Perfectly delightful summer salad, avocado, celery, romaine lettuce, olives, feta cheese, almonds, tomato, tamari sauce, olive oil, served on a square maroon zen plate, silver fork, second floor loft, Seattle, Washington, USA

Summer is here, and that means tasty summertime treats. With lots of friends and family coming over and an eager expectation for good food, here are a few suggestions for tasty summer snacks.

Burgers, Brats, and Ribs

Nothing says summertime like a good barbeque. And nothing screams tasty barbeque more than burgers, brats, and ribs. Cook these up on your grill for a guaranteed good time.

Green Salads

Now, in case you find a grill repulsive and way too unhealthy, why not try a big, green salad? It’s filling, healthy, and most of the ingredients should be fresh. It’s good for the body and for the conscious

Fair Food

You didn’t think the rest of the list would be purely healthy, did you? Whether you admit it or not, fair food, the rare delicacy that it is, is some of the tastiest food one can snack on all summer. Whether it’s elephant ears, corn dogs, or cheese fries, everyone should enjoy a little yummy fair food this summer

Fresh Fruit

Like a green salad, there’s almost nothing quite as refreshing as luscious strawberries or sweet watermelon in the hot, summer sun. Make sure to add healthy fruit into your summer diet for a sweet and nutritious snack.

There you have it, 4 options for great summer food. Hopefully you can enjoy the good times of summer: good friends, good times, and good food.

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