How to Care for Your Spa Water

When it comes to enjoying your hot tub, caring for your spa water is a task that often times goes unnoticed. Here are a few tips to make sure your spa water is perfectly fine:

Never Heat Your Spa Over 104°

Although there are many benefits to nice, relaxing warm water in your spa, having your spa’s water over 104° can cause serious health problems over an extended period of time.

Check the Water Chemical Levels Before Use

Every time you want to use your spa, get out a testing strip and make sure your water is safe to relax in. The last thing you want is a spa with bad sanitizer levels.

Add Chemicals to Your Water, Not Water to Your Chemicals

Most spa chemicals are to be added in small doses, not large increments. For this reason, you should be very careful not to get water in your spa chemicals. Make sure you keep your chemicals dry and away from the potential of getting wet.

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