Father’s Day and Chocolate Cake

Father's Day and Chocolate Cake  TheMasterLifestyle.com

Father’s Day is a day set aside each year to honor the great men in our lives.  It is funny as I look back on many years of celebrating Father’s Day & the different ways in which I chose to “honor” my dad.  It might have been simply picture that I colored for him, a construction paper card – maybe even with a pop-up heart!  I might get him some Wrigley’s spearmint gum, or a Reese’s candy bar.  Sometimes, if he was really lucky, he would get both the construction paper card and candy!  It didn’t really matter what he received, it truly was the thought behind the gift that mattered to him, the act of, even if for just a day, being honored by those that he worked so hard for his entire life. 

My father was your typical fix it all, do it all, handle it all kind of dad.  I was pretty much convinced that there was nothing my dad couldn’t do, no situation he couldn’t handle, nothing broken he couldn’t fix, no wrong he couldn’t make right, no mistake he couldn’t overlook, no offense he couldn’t forgive. 

Dad taught me a lot.  He taught me how to change a tire, to change the oil in my car, to drive a tractor, how to play basketball & softball, how to mow grass, how to play poker, and even how to corral cattle!  Everyone that knows me that is reading this just choked – you didn’t know I could corral cattle, did you!? 

My Dad also taught me about being a good person.  He taught me to serve others, as I saw him serve many.  I saw him serve at church, and in the community.  I saw him give hours when it didn’t seem there were enough hours in the day as it was.  He taught me to be someone of integrity.  I won’t compromise my beliefs or my morals, because I never saw him compromise – and that made an impact on me.  It taught me that what he said he believed, he believed, and lived by – and that is honorable.  He taught me to stand up for those that I care about.  If I care about someone, I am going to have their back in every situation – because that’s what my dad would do.  My dad taught me to forgive, extend grace, and love unconditionally.  I messed up a lot when I was young.  I did a lot of things that I regret now.  Things that might make a parent turn their back on a child.  But Dad never turned his back on me.  He would show me how to make it right, and he forgave completely.

Having a father like that makes you want to make Father’s Day special.  It’s not just a day to have a cook-out, it’s a day to truly honor the first man that you ever fell in love with – so you want to make it special enough that he knows that he matters.

When it comes to gifts, I like to give Dad gifts that he wouldn’t normally think to get for himself, as well as things that let him either relax or have fun.  In the past we have gotten him things like lounge pants, a poker set, a new throw blanket, golf items or a nice lounge chair for the yard. 

Growing up in a large family, by the age of ten or eleven, you started helping with chores around the house.  It was easier to cook or bake than to do some of the other chores that we had to do, so I always volunteered to do that task if needed and let my siblings do the dishes, laundry & vacuuming. My dad loves chocolate cake, and he especially likes it with chocolate buttercream frosting.  I made a lot of really bad cakes before I got it to taste good.  But each time I took that gooey half-baked clearly un-level cake to him, he would tell me how much he loved it as he choked it down.  He never told me that they were bad, he just thanked me for making it and told me how much he loved chocolate cake.  Now that I have improved on my baking, Dad gets a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting just about every time he comes over for dinner – including Father’s Day.    

Whatever you do this year for Father’s Day – remember what I said, it’s a day to honor the first man that you ever fell in love with – make it special enough to know that he matters. 

This Father’s Day tribute was shared by Julie Hess in the Human Resources Department at Master Spas.

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